For many of us, a visit to our favourite flower shop starts and ends with us simply choosing our favourite variety, and having the florist put together an arrangement for us.

Few of us ever consider the story behind our flowers: where did they come from? How were they chosen, before ending up in the shop? What determines how long they’ll last?

Yet, these are some of the main factors that make Blossom Boutique so unique.

For instance, we only use Fancy Grade flowers – hand chosen at auction by our dedicated team.

What does this mean to you? For starters, it means a premium flower with stand-out features – such as stem length, flower sizing and overall quality.

It also means that our flowers stay fresher, longer – and that’s important. After all, who wants to bring home an arrangement only to see it wilt and fade the next day? It also means that we’re able to stand by our arrangements with confident – backing them with our 5-Day Fresh Guarantee!